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Holiday Cottages in England - Ireland - Scotland - Wales the British Isles and the Channel Isles.

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We each have different expectations and desires when it comes to our ideal holiday. We work hard during the year and place so much emphasis on getting the holiday just right to suit our individual needs. After all we work hard during the year for these precious days off! Weather is important but we don't have any control over that; location we can choose and this is important for many of us, whether it is holidaying in the countryside, by the sea or in the mountains. Probably most important is accommodations and we now jhave more control over choosing these to suit our particular needs.

In surveys it has been found that the most important aspects to a vacation are who you spend it with and where. If we do not get the accommodations right this could have a big impact on the enjoyment of our stay, after this everything else will fall into place.

With our choice of holiday cottages you can tailor your holiday to your individual requirements. Location wise we have holiday cottages all over the United Kingdom and Ireland, ranging from rural to urban, seaside to mountainside, remote to towns. Again size we can cater to, with cottages, for couples to families to large get togethers, we have the space to suit your needs. Our smaller holiday cottages may suit couples or small families where our barns, farmhouses will accommodate larger numbers. When it comes to style again we can step in with everything from traditional to contemporary homes, and everything in between, we have it covered.

More and more people like you are turning to holiday homes for their holidays, as it allows them so much more flexibility and freedom. The rental periods can range from weekends, to a week or two or even longer periods if required. Also they are particularly beneficial if there is a four legged member of the family, with many of our homes catering to them. It avoids the additional cost of expensive kennel fees or the hassle to trying to arrange sitters. Additionally, families like to wake up in the same place and meet to have breakfast and plan their day. What could be nicer than a bright sunny morning eating breakfast alfresco with stunning vistas of the sea or mountains, or even rolling green countryside.

When away from home we still like our home comforts and maybe even some more. Our holiday cottages have so much to offer with fully equipped kitchens, televisions, DVD players and game consoles found in a lot of our properties. Some cottages even have extras like games rooms, swimming pools, hot tubs, decked and barbecued areas. This will allow you to have as hectic or relaxing a holiday as you desire. If you are unsure what exactly is included in your holiday cottage you can check with the owner and make arrangements for whatever you need to be there with prior arrangement.

The great thing about a holiday cottage is you can just pack up and take everything you need with you to a personally picked home in your ideal location, allowing you to get on with your holiday immediately.

The majority of people rely on recommendations when choosing where to go and stay. They like to be secure in the knowledge that the accommodations they have selected are satisfactory. Our reviews all come from previous guests so you will get to see exactly what they thought of their stay. Also guests want to know they are close to attractions, shops restaurants and pubs. With our search facility you will see exactly what is in close proximity to the holiday cottage you have selected. With the photos you can see what the accommodations are like so that you get a feel of the property before you  arrive.

Holiday cottages can be a lot cheaper than you think and are considerable good value especially if traveling with a family or in a group. As with other holiday accommodations there are peak and low season rentals. Many of our holiday cottages are offered at special rates so it is worth checking these out.

Holidays in holiday cottages are becoming increasingly popular and is a growing market owing to the many benefits they provide to guests. Why not try for yourself and see how this type of holiday can fit into your plans.

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